Spring Has Sprung

We’re all getting the itch to get out there and dig in. Here are a few new arrivals to whet your appetite. Nothing like a little color in that mixed border  after a lingering winter! Check out   this gallery of spring color.


Spring! Really?

Witch Hazel in Bloom

Yup. In spite of the late March snow we’re getting ready for spring here at Bloomin’ Root Nursery. The Witch Hazel is in bloom–the earliest show in Carol’s botanical collection.  As many of you may know, she was passionate about color in the landscape.

We’ved moved the winter covers from the shrubs and perennials and giving them a measured return to direct sunlight and shifting temperature. They made it through the winter in good shape and with no vole damage. Hooray. We are always open by chance or appointment and You’re always welcome to call or text . Contact us here.